SCL Assessment and Planning


To facilitate a culture of broad inquiry and planning within Student and Campus Life that informs the development, delivery, and advocacy of services and programs that unite and support students’ academic and life pursuits. The process by which this occurs is an interweaving of fundamental and theoretical knowledge with practical experience.


To support the Division in making informed decisions about programs and services by using critical reflection, assessment, and planning tools.

Strategic Alignment:

As part of the larger University, SCL Assessment and Planning also helps the Division align itself with University priorities, including the University’s strategic plan, learning outcomes, and fulfilling accreditation expectations. This is accomplished in collaboration with University offices and leadership.

The University’s strategic planning process is on hold until the new president arrives. In the meantime, SCL has identified four priorities to address in the fiscal years 2017 and 2018. Those priorities can be found here.

Strategic Decision Making:

Strategic decision-making is when “those who make key decisions about resources are governed by a carefully defined sense of priorities, and in which the process itself can increase the effectiveness of the outcomes of decisions” (Dean and Scharfman, 1996 in Rowley, Lujan & Dolence, 1997, p. 9).

This decision-making is informed by a systematic inquiry process that includes assessment and evaluation of effectiveness. Other tools that are used to guide strategic decisions include best practices, industry standards, and practical experience. With this rich collection of information, strategic and more informed decisions can be made.

One set of industry standards for co-curricular services is the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS), which has developed standards and self-assessment guides for 44 student services units. To see the standards and guides for your unit(s), contact Leslie Meyerhoff at

Getting Support:

Leslie Meyerhoff, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment and Planning
221 Day Hall
(607) 255-1412


  • Rowley, D.J., Lujan, H. D., & Dolence, M.G. (1997). Strategic change in colleges and universities: Planning to survive and prosper. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.